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Arke Promotions has been the business side of the ministry that we do for many years. It has functioned in shops, in market stalls and on the Internet over the years including calling on businesses with services.

We first started using shops as a place to minister in Bondi NSW Australia in 1972 so we have been around for many years now.

Our last use of shops was in Croydon in Sydney NSW back in the late1980's, we ran market stalls as well.

Since then we have had an increased business presence on the Internet, involving ourselves with BVD in these last years (Big Value Depot), something very exciting is being released from there that will help people list many things for sale in a big way. Arke Promotions is very happy to be involved with them.

We are also involved in the music industry where we have websites with useful information for music artists. There are various products in our websites. There are music ministry items as well.

Arkebiz com is an interesting site in that it covers many sides of our business and ministry including our associates. arkebiz com is listed in our Arke Promotions Links.


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