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Arkebiz Organization is associated with Arkebiz Com as a general information website about our various websites such as Arke Promotions and Arke Ministries and you will find links to our other sites in them.

Arkebiz Community

Janet and John

Janet and John Brumby

Janet and John Brumby live now in Australia having come here in 1969 from England.

It is interesting to note that both of us had parents that lived in Canada earlier in their lives.

Janet was a teacher both in England and Australia and I was a nurse in England and Australia having started that in the RAF.

I also worked in the family business in England and with Janet have had several businesses in Australia.

Then I have also worked as a pastor in Australia and now we do that on the Internet

Look at Hidden Truth Music and you will see very useful information on what you need to do to promote correctly music and lyrics etc.

Then if you need prayer go to Prayer Warrior to both see help on how to pray and find those who will pray for you.

Our Associates website Enter Into Our World is full of resources for ministry, counselling, prayer and community help etc. 

It is well worth going to God TV to find real ministry that helps you to really know God.

Our very first website was Arke Promotions Com and is the oldest still though the original one is lost.

LinkOur biggest website and second oldest is Music For Dummies but again the original site is lost.

John and Princess

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